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For Financing Options Call: (254) 702-2885

So you're in the market for a vehicle from Performance Motors? Great... we're happy you're here! Whatever your financing needs, Performance Motors has the loan experts to assist you.

Feel free to use our easy loan calculator to the right to estimate your traditional finance payments.

You can apply online for a car loan with our online credit application. It's secure, and when we receive the application, our staff will look it over and contact you as soon as possible.

And whether you are shopping for an automobile or you already have one, don't forget to protect your investment with a Performance Motors vehicle service contract.

In-house Financing vs. Outside Lending (A Brief Overview)

At Performance Motors we're not limited when it comes to financing options. We offer in-house financing, as well as outside lending. It is helpful to understand the primary differences between the two options. As follows is a brief overview for your consideration.

In-house financing or Buy-Here Pay-Here (BHPH) financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments on it at the dealership, rather than a lending institution. BHPH is primarily designed for shoppers who may have experienced significant financial bumps and bruises. If your credit score is on the lower end of the scale or if you've had trouble getting an auto loan in the past, Performance Motors wants to help! With an approved down payment on vehicles less than $8000, stable residence & employment, you could drive away today!

Outside lending or bank financing in simplest terms, is a way to afford something you want when you don't have the cash to pay for the item outright. It is a financial agreement through which you borrow an amount of money from a bank or credit union with the understanding that you'll pay it back through regular installments over a set period of time. Down payment and interest rate are determined based on credit and in some cases, the year of the vehicle.

We hope this is helpful to determine which option best fits your financial situation. If you have questions, please call today.

Auto Payment Calculator

Auto Payment Calculator

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