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Willing to Work with You

It's funny some of the questions we get asked sometimes.  We expect the usual, "What's your best price?" or "Do you do in-house finance?" 

But when we get asked, "Do ya'll work with people?" I have to wonder what they mean by that question. 

Here's what I think.  For starters, they went to a dealership and dealt with someone who was not willing to go the extra mile to help them secure financing for their vehicle.  In most cases, they have had a bad experience and already assume another dealership will also reject them.

Here at Performance Motors, we are dedicated to "working with you" to help you get into a new vehicle.  Our team of sales consultants are experienced and have the desire to help put a deal together.

On top of that, we have several Prime and sub-Prime lenders at our disposal.  We have ways to work deals that other dealers in our area simply do not have.

Because of our relationships, many times we are able to get someone approved and riding down the road in their new car when other dealers failed.

Now we certainly can't guarantee an approval for every customer or situation we see, but we are "willing to work" with any situation and see it through.

No matter what the result, we will treat our customers with respect and professionalism.  Our mission is to provide vehicles to the public, with integrity, professionalism and respect.  And we mean it.

Working with people and their credit challenges is what we do everyday.  Building our lender network is a priority for us because it allows us to help serve more people in our community.  The better services we provide, the more successful we will be.

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ALL NEW Website Launches

For the past several months, we have been contemplating the upgrade of our website.  David Jones, our Internet Manager, has been crafting a very powerful site, complete with the most sophisticated technology on the market.

Now, our consumers have a highly intuitive, extremely helpful website to handle the search and purchase of a vehicle.  From our large hi resolution photos, to the very descriptive comments section, and now, an even more robust Finance page with payment calculator and Get Approved link, we have invested in a platform that can serve our customers efficiently.

Our Vehicle Trade page allows customers to quickly enter their trade information, which automatically enters our valuation portal, giving us real-time, accurate trade values.

The Completely integrated Blog will include updates and high lights from around the Lot.  From birthday parties, to customer testimonials, to crazy deals, this blog will contain up to date information for our followers.

Please take a look, and remember, we will provide a simple, straight forward buying experience.

New Website :

Welcome Baylee Ivey

We're excited to introduce you to our newest member of the team, Baylee Ivey.  Baylee is originally from Georgia, and served our country in the US Army.  She has experience in the car business, and has helped many clients into their first vehicles.

Baylee has wonderful customer reviews, and is extremely helpful.  Her military background gives her an instant connection with our Fort Hood Soldiers and local Veterans.

Please come in and say hello, and if you want a great deal on a vehicle, she will do all she can to help.

New Site is Here!

We're very excited to announce our All New website, compete with all the upgrades you need to make your online experience a better one! 

Enjoy an amazing Loan Calculator, easy application process and Trade-In Appraisal option. 

Plus, enjoy hi resolution, large images in out beautiful display format. 

We're especially excited about this NEW BLOG opportunity to share our news and happenings around the dealership and Killeen /  Central Texas area.